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Catie Peiper

Catie Peiper
Catie is an avid writer, traveler, and culture fanatic. Currently based out of Washington, D.C., she works at VideoBlocks as a Content Marketing Specialist. Before 2015, she lived in Los Angeles, where she studied film while researching digital media markets and global audiences at USC. Her writing has been published in the media studies journal Spectator and her research presented at several international film conferences.

Recent Posts

Announcing the 6 Finalists in Our Student Film Competition

Posted by Catie Peiper on November 20, 2015

We’re excited to announce the six finalists in our Student Film Competition, which was open to all undergraduate and graduate level student filmmakers. We received submissions from talented and dedicated filmmakers all over the globe, and we were thrilled by the many, many creative ways they found to incorporate our VideoBlocks and AudioBlocks content into their projects while pursuing their unique creative visions. Thank you to everyone who submitted for helping to make the competition a success!

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Topics: News, Student Filmmakers, Student Film Contest, Filmmaking

Why Hollywood Loves Data (And So Should Film Students)

Posted by Catie Peiper on November 13, 2015

For a long time now Hollywood has branded itself as an industry of artists and risk takers—innovators of art, not science; however, audiences would be surprised by the level of data analysis behind every aspect of film. From highly publicized success stories such as Netflix’s House of Cards to the award-winning film The King’s Speech, commercial success has become more of a numbers game than ever before.

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Topics: Data

Copyright & Fair Use: What Educators and Students Need to Know [ebook]

Posted by Catie Peiper on November 11, 2015

American copyright law is intentionally opaque. Outside of legal departments, few students or faculty members have a thorough understanding of Fair Use. Some studies even support an assertion that "no one" on campus understands it.

While this fog is helpful for courts that must continually interpret and redefine the spirit of copyright in the face of evolving technology (i.e., everything to come along since the printing press), the same gray areas can lead to confusion, intimidation, and widespread noncompliance on campus.

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Topics: Creative Commons, Copyright, Fair Use

How to Talk to Your Students About Crowdfunding for Films

Posted by Catie Peiper on October 28, 2015

When platforms like Kickstarter initially gained traction in 2008 and 2009, Hollywood and educators both approached crowdfunding with due skepticism. It’s taken several years of testing the waters—and notable victories from industry regulars including Spike Lee (Da Sweet Blood of Jesus) and Zac Braff (Wish I Was Here)—but pursuing crowdfunding for films has finally moved into the mainstream as an accepted fundraising avenue for both big name filmmakers and aspiring students.

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