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Rhett Morgan

Rhett Morgan
Rhett Morgan is a freelance writer and translator based out of Austin, TX where he studied English, French, and Radio/Television/Film at UT Austin.

Recent Posts

Multimedia Storytelling: Student Projects for the 21st Century

Posted by Rhett Morgan on November 4, 2015

Educators across the country have long used smart classrooms and online learning platforms to transform traditional lectures. Students now expect film clips, PowerPoint presentations, and message boards in their learning experience. But, has this technology also transformed the work students produce?  What should educators expect from students with the same access to so much digital media? A 21st century education calls for competency-based outcomes, and much of today’s job market expects young people who can easily manipulate digital platforms. To hit on all of these points, and transform traditional assignments into more dynamic projects for today’s world, more teachers across many disciplines are turning to multimedia storytelling.

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5 Ways to Use Stock Footage in the Classroom: A Hands-On Intro to Film

Posted by Rhett Morgan on October 15, 2015

While most students show up for day one of Intro to Film ready to make the next Pulp Fiction, we know there are at least a few basic concepts they will need to master. Of course, it would be great to teach entirely through practicum, letting them work through the basics with their own film experimentations. But, the reality of large classes and short semesters gets in the way of these more fun assignments.

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