4 Academic Departments That Benefit from Stock Video

Posted by Catie Peiper on January 4, 2016

Although we’ve often written about the value of our Digital Backpack for film programs, VideoBlocks for Education knows that digital literacy is a cross-disciplinary issue important to all educators. A screen can never replace the value of a learned instructor or an engaged classroom; however, video is the future of education—as both its content and its medium. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of four academic departments that benefit from video education and stock media that aren’t film programs.

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How to Get Your Film into Film Festivals: 5 Tips

Posted by Patrick Merfert on October 20, 2015

Congratulations! You’ve made your first film! So what should you do now? Where can you get exposure? Most beginning filmmakers will use this opportunity to play the festival circuit. At film festivals, your film will screen in front of dozens of people and you will make valuable connections by meeting agents, film industry professionals, festival programmers, and other filmmakers. However, before you start dreaming about red carpets, awards, and distribution deals, it’s important that you understand the current film industry scene and how difficult it can be to break into.

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5 Ways to Use Stock Footage in the Classroom: A Hands-On Intro to Film

Posted by Rhett Morgan on October 15, 2015

While most students show up for day one of Intro to Film ready to make the next Pulp Fiction, we know there are at least a few basic concepts they will need to master. Of course, it would be great to teach entirely through practicum, letting them work through the basics with their own film experimentations. But, the reality of large classes and short semesters gets in the way of these more fun assignments.

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