The 2016 State of Digital Media in Higher Education [Survey]

Posted by Patrick Merfert on February 15, 2016
Patrick Merfert
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VideoBlocks EDU, the premier provider of royalty-free digital media for higher education, today announced the launch of its market research survey: The 2016 State of Digital Media in Higher Education to further advance its mission of delivering creative freedom to U.S. and international college campuses while encouraging the ethical use of digital content.

The survey covers topics critical to today’s educators and students in higher education such as: usage patterns and access to digital media, digital literacy, digital copyright and fair use, online learning initiatives and Open Education Resources (OER). The survey is open to those currently employed in the higher education field (faculty, staff, administrators etc.) and currently enrolled students.

After the survey closes, VideoBlocks EDU will analyze response data and share the report as a free download once available. In addition to producing a report, five (5) survey respondents will be randomly selected to receive a $50 Amazon gift card. The 10-minute survey will remain open until February 22, 2016.

"The 2016 State of Digital Media in Higher Education Survey and the resulting report aim to help faculty and administrators better understand today’s landscape of digital media in higher education as well as their students’ insights on this important topic,” said Patrick Merfert, Director of Education Services at VideoBlocks EDU. Recently, there has been an increasing level of dialogue in academic circles on how digital media can not only impact classroom engagement but also better prepare students prepare students for their professional lives." "It is our hope that the survey and the resulting report will add unique insights to this conversation while also helping the VideoBlocks EDU team to better serve our higher education clients."

Update 3.23.16: The 2016 State of Digital Media in Higher Education Report is now available for download at the link below. The 23-page report features insights from more than 300 educators, students, and adminstrators from 200+ universities.

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